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Interested in KPOP music videos, and want to see what others think? 
Then head on over to kpopmv now!!

There are so many artists in KPOP, just like there are in any country or genre. They can be solo artists, groups, whatever. And with lots of artists come what? That's right, music videos.

This community has been made to focus not on the songs artists sing, not the fanservice they do, not the gossip that spreads around them, but the music videos they have.

Now keep this in mind: this is NOT a community to focus on the new releases. In fact, new release posts will not be allowed. Instead, this is to focus on the public opinion of MVs, in terms of how great it is, how it can be improved, why you liked it or disliked it, what your favourite part was, what confused you, etc.

Specific rules will be posted shortly, but remember, you always, always need to be respectful, to each other, AND to the artist. The community isn't an excuse to bash on people, but to have a real discussion on Music Videos.

Now, though what I've explained is the main purpose oft the community, there is another use that will be accepted here. Now, I know many fans have creative minds, whether they express or not. They hear the song, watch the MV, and I've seen many instances in which fans have come up with great and imaginative ideas for alternate Music Videos. So, to support that type of thinking, this community will also have an MV-Idea! aspect as well.

With this, you can do many things. You can suggest a different approach for a certain MV and see what others think. You can give out ideas for an MV for a normal, non-promoted track that you really liked. You can even come up with a random story line or idea for any type of MV, and talk about it, either saying it should be for (a) certain artist(s), or asking the other members who they think the concept would fit best with.

This community will allow you to post Fan-MVs, but credit MUST be given properly. Even if you made it yourself, you must state explicitly who was the one to make the FMV.
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