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Hi i'm from singapore willing to ship internationally. Prices are in Singapore dollar SGD. 

Selling 2 ukiss only one cd autographed by all 7members. Both authentic, i went to malaysia fanmeet to meet them. I have proof (if u want proof, i can send u the email Geneses Entertainment(the organizer) send me to confirm with me my seating arrangement, payments etc... or  i can show u the grp picture me and my sis took with them at the malaysia fanmeet, in case u are wondering why i have two cds its because both me and my sister wants to sell it cos we have another copy of the same cd that we let ukiss sign in Singapore. $120 each. price negotiable. email me 
And pls email me if u want to see the cd~

Only selling this if u buy from me the cd~
Also selling ukiss only one poster for $3 
Kibum poster (was given to me when i went to his fanmeet) $2 
(both poster is not in a very good condition because i roll the poster so there's the rolled lines? lol idk how to say it) 
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